Star Dance Companies

As a member of the Stars, your dancer will experience a great deal of peer bonding while gaining a higher sense of self esteem.  Your dancer will experience the joys of working hard and being a part of a team.  Success during competition season is one of our objectives; however, the most important goal is to have fun and make lasting friendships!

As a parent of a prospective dance company member, you should be fully aware of the requirements of a Star.  You and your dancer must recognize that once you accept your invitation to join our team, it is a year- long commitment.  We have classes beginning in August and ending the beginning of June 2019.  Our competition season will be over in April or May; however, The Stars will continue working towards other  performance opportunities around the community and Forever Dance’s End of the Year Show.  The Stars are more than just a competitive team, we are also entertainers and representatives of Fort Bend County.  All competitions we attend will fall between January and May 2019.  We are often invited to perform in fall festivals and Christmas Celebrations which is why we start preparing so early. Our routines are choreographed for an exact number of dancers, so each one of our dancers plays an integral part in the teams’ success.  The team will be unable to make adequate progress if people are missing from practice; therefore, rehearsal attendance is mandatory for the success of our team.  Extra rehearsals may be scheduled the month of a performance.  There will be adequate notice of any extra rehearsals so arrangements can be made.  A calendar of possible rehearsals and competition dates will be made available as soon as possible.  There will be no additional fees for any extra dress rehearsals.  Every dancer must be willing to commit to the contest dates and possible extra rehearsals.  This commitment does not only mean sacrifices for the dancer but also for the family.  We love that our dancers are able to participate in school activities, sports, plays etc. which is why we have arranged a summer camp in July to ensure the amount of time required throughout the year.  Please read over the summer information that is attached.

Being a member of The Stars is a privilege and should be held with high regards.  We will expect the dancers to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner during rehearsals and studio classes.  They are the role models for all Forever Dance students.  We are honored to work with your dancers and will strive to bring out their best.  Our team is about the development of dance knowledge, correct technique, precision and style.  The only way to achieve these aspects is through practice and corrections.  We will give corrections often, and even the smallest correction makes a difference.  Remember that every dancer is an important part of The Stars success.  Whether you are in the front or the back, each dancer is needed to make the dance work.  We only want the best for each and every Star.  We are looking at the whole picture and, in the end, your hard work and dedication will bring success.

Any parents that are willing to volunteer this season please let us know.  We will need help organizing various parties throughout the year to keep the girls motivated and increase the teams’ bond.  If you have any ideas for an added incentive or fundraising program let us know!  We want this to be a fun and rewarding experience!


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