Costs and Requirements

As a Star, you will be expected to continue your technical training.  The studio classes are as important as the Star rehearsals.  This allows us to focus on the competition dances during rehearsals, while you learn the required technique in your other classes.
 Each Star MUST be enrolled in a Jazz and Ballet class in addition to the Star rehearsal class.

Twinkle Star Rehearsal-Tuesday 5:00-6:30

Starfish Rehearsal – Thursday – 5:00-6:30      

Junior Star Rehearsal-Thursday –  6:30 -8:00.      

Senior Star Rehearsal-Tuesday – 6:30 – 8:00.

Star Dance Team Fees:

The Star annual fee and monthly star fee fundraisers will be used to cover competition entry fees, costume purchases or rentals, gym rental and any other fees that may arise.  The other cost you will be responsible for is your dancer’s monthly dance class tuition and the team attire, make up, and if your dancer decides to perform an additional solo, duet, etc.   The team attire consists of, but not limited to: warm up, shirt, practice attire. Returning Stars will only have to purchase the new team t- shirt, and practice attire.  Attire order information will be given through e-mailed after auditions.  

Each month we provide our Stars with fundraising opportunities to cover the cost of their monthly Star Fees.  The monthly star fees are different for each team.

*Cost breakdown will be handed out with your welcome packets and commitment forms.