Everyone is encouraged to audition because it is a great learning experience!  If you are not offered a position in our company this year, you will still receive judge’s corrections and you will have more audition experience to help you in the future!  If you are offered a position, your placement will be based on your current dance technique and the age you will be as of January 1, 2022 (age range: 7-18 years old).

We are not looking for a set number of dancers.  All placement is decided by outside judges.  Judge’s critiques will be available for everyone after auditions, so you can improve for next year.

You will find out if you make stars and team placement on audition day.

Please wear a leotard, shorts/ pants and jazz or Twila dance shoes with your hair pulled back in a bun for the audition.

If you are interested in auditioning for the Stars Dance Company, please complete the form at the link below.