Apprentice Program

You may see teens in our younger classes.  These dancers are interested in pursuing dance or teaching as a career.  We are happy to work with them and show them all areas of the profession.   Each apprentice has been chosen based on specific criteria to ensure your child’s safety and happiness.  Forever Dance is proud to offer these  future teachers the opportunity to gain experience in the classroom.  They learn the importance of being a positive role model and providing students with personal attention.  We hope these lessons foster a commitment to learning, self growth and teaching others.

Our apprentice help maintain discipline, provide positive feedback , and assist the teacher with a variety of student needs.  In our younger classes, tying shoes, fixing hair, and high fives are an important part of progressing the learning process.  They learn the dances with the students and can provide one on one mentoring as needed during a class.  At Forever Dance, students come first.  The Apprentice Program provides our dancers with a fresh perspective and we feel everyone benefits.

If your dancer is over the age of 13 and interested in becoming an apprentice, please ask the receptionist for an application.